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Is It Time for a Renovation?

You’ve been in your house for some time now, you love having a place to call your own, and yet, there seems to be this little nagging thought in the back of your mind: is it time to renovate my home?

Home renovations come about for a variety of reasons and happen in a number of ways, but at its core, renovating means restoring, redecorating, or refurbishing an existing room or building. It can seem intimidating to start this process, because in some ways, it almost feels like starting over. And despite what the many HGTV renovation shows indicate, we know home renovation will take a considerable amount of time.

Smith Building Company has been in the home building and renovating business for over 30 years, and we are happy to talk you through the process of renovation. Our comprehensive list will give some prime examples of why renovating your home is a good idea. Trust Vermont’s renovation experts, and read on to see if renovation should be in your future!

You Should Renovate If…

You Bought a Fixer-Upper.

So many of us have been intrigued by (or attempted) the art of working with a fixer-upper. Buying slightly to moderately outdated homes has become a more recent trend, as it is offers a potentially cheaper alternative to building (though this is not always the case). Another component of the trend has involved trying to renovate without the help of professionals, in the hopes of a renewed sense of pride in calling a home truly your own.

That being said, your benefits will be tenfold if you look into working with a renovation company. At the very least, considering a consultation will be crucial, especially if your renovations include electrical and plumbing work (which very often is the case). Working with electricity is highly dangerous work, even for experienced electricians. Studies show that over a third of deaths caused by electrocution happen to electrical workers, and this does not even account for electrical deaths of construction workers.

Making your fixer-upper your own is so important, but frankly, it will mean nothing if you’re not around to enjoy it. If you feel strongly about doing some of your own work, tackle the DIY renovation strategies that are better suited for your wheelhouse. Work with Smith Building Company to build out a game plan for your home renovation.


Your Family is Growing

Maybe you and your spouse started out with a quaint three-bedroom, and now you’re expecting some new additions to your family. Maybe your amazing mom is at the point where she’s needing more consistent care, and instead of putting her somewhere, you want to be able to take her in. Or perhaps you yourself purchased a modest two-bedroom because you were tired of paying rent that seemed to just keep getting higher and higher. Change can happen quicker than we think, and for whatever the cause may be, a growing family makes for a great time to renovate your home.

Smith Building Company can offer any number of renovating services to best serve a family that’s growing! We offer home renovation in both a high-quality and efficient manner, meaning you will be ready to welcome and accommodate the exciting changes happening with your family.

Your Lifestyle is Changing

It doesn’t matter how old you are, a new job opportunity could present itself at any moment. If all of a sudden you’re diving into the freelance world, or are able to continue working as a consultant from the security of your own home, now might be a great time to start thinking about renovating. It might seem like a lot of changes at once, but sometimes it’s better to ride the waves of change instead of letting them knock you over.

You could keep working in the kitchen or the living room, always searching for an outlet for your laptop and trying not to get distracted by other family members using these rooms. Or you could think about contacting Smith Building Company to work at renovating a room into the perfect home office for you and your business. Imagine the serenity from being able to disengage from the liveliness of your family when work is calling, while also being able to jump back in whenever you want. Match your changing job and lifestyle by renovating a home office!

You Want to Keep Up With the Times

For many of us, when we buy or build a home, we’re in it for the long haul. Our houses and decor can stay pretty much the same through the years, but that doesn’t mean everything else does. Styles change drastically from generation to generation, and keeping up with the trends not only benefits the overall look and feel of your home, but adds value to your home as well.

In the past few decades, we’ve seen increasing popularity with trends such as kitchen backsplash, muted tones, understated decor, open air concepts, and environmentally friendly homes. Like all trends, we will see continued evolution with these styles throughout our lifetime. Keeping up with a certain concept that seems to have a foreseeable lifespan ahead of it is a great way to stay modern.

When your home looks desirable, it becomes desirable. This is huge for the eventual day when you might be looking to sell your home. Many homeowners eventually downsize, saving money after their kids move out by taking advantage of a smaller space. Maintaining a home that’s always in style is crucial for maintaining your home’s value.

You’ve Wanted to Renovate for Awhile

Maybe you’ve been wanting to update your kitchen for the past several years, and the timing just wasn’t right. Things like replacing the dishwasher, updating a fireplace, buying a new washer and dryer— these are the prices we pay for owning and trying to upkeep our homes. In terms of priorities, sometimes renovating tends to fall to the wayside; it’s not as high of a priority as fixing the garbage disposal or reshingling the roof, for example. If you are finally at a point financially where renovating your home is in the ballpark, start moving it up on the priority list!

The fact that you’ve wanted to renovate for a while and haven’t indicates you probably are a thoughtful decision-maker, with some fiscal intelligence to boot. You’ve been dreaming of home renovation for some time: take this as your sign and get planning!

Need some renovating ideas to get you started? Take a look at our list of how to update your home in style!

  • Expand your closet by building a walk-in
  • Convert a closet or other space into an extra bathroom
  • Finish your basement to create a guest bedroom
  • Renovate part of your basement to build a workout space
  • Update the flooring, countertops, and cupboards in the kitchen
  • Retile the bathroom and give it a makeover
  • Change the spare bedroom into an office

No matter what you’re hoping to do for home renovations, Smith Building Company is the place for you! We’ve been working with Vermont homeowners for over 30 years, and our customers speak to the success of our company. When you work with Smith Building Company, you’re working at making your dreams for your home a reality. For house building, home renovation, and more, call us today!

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