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Everything Old is New Again: Bringing Traditional Craftsmanship Into Your New Home

If you are a house junkie, you could probably spend all day touring houses constructed in eras past. The amazing love, detail, and craftsmanship that went into some of these vintage homes is what makes them so unique and beautiful. If you are thinking of building a new house, but don’t want to be stuck with a boring beige box, a custom home will be right up your alley. Imagine bringing the classic details you love together with all of the modern conveniences and amenities you need. If you are wanting a truly unique home, a custom built home with traditional craftsmanship is the answer.

Custom Trimwork

A common theme runs through the trimwork found in most new construction: narrow, boring pieces of engineered MDF. The houses of old always let their trim shine with large pieces of beautiful wood that really stood out as design elements in a room. With a custom built home you can control the size, type of wood, and amount of trim in a room. Maybe you love crown molding with ornate corner pieces and very detailed design such as dentil or egg and dart. Or perhaps you would like an extra thick base trim to highlight or complement a beautiful hardwood floor. With a custom home, the sky’s the limit with trim choices. The trend with new construction has moved away from these details that make a home really special; bring them back with your new custom home!

Natural Materials

As with the choices for trim, there has been a movement away from quality materials in new home construction. The focus has become what is cheap, easy and not too complicated for the builder. Natural materials in the home bring a warmth, value and timelessness that synthetic materials can’t match. When you have seen the beauty of marble in a bathroom, a vinyl shower can never compare. Kitchen counters of soapstone or granite can be showstoppers that make every visitor remark on the beauty of your kitchen. Hardwood floors emanate a classic luxury that vinyl or laminate just can’t duplicate. Choosing the best materials will keep your home from quickly seeming dated, and the upkeep will be much less than with cheaper products.

Wonderful Windows

As the trend has moved away from quality materials, there has also been a movement away from a large number of big windows in a home. Windows let in the light, and help you really fall in love with your home. If you are wanting to control the amount of windows, where they are, and what kinds of windows you have, custom building can create the home of your dreams. Round windows, arches, unusual configurations or wraparounds can all be designed and built. Don’t wrap your beautiful new windows in vinyl, let them shine will that custom millwork! Let the light into your custom home with an abundance of windows!

So even if your home is going to be brand-new, it can still have the quality and beauty of houses constructed with the craftsmanship of the past. Smith Building Company can help you achieve your dream home with a custom built home in Vermont.