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Dreaming Up the Dream Kitchen

Everyone ends up in the kitchen. That fact is further true with a Smith Building Company kitchen. That’s why our custom kitchens and kitchen renovations are designed to cater to your unique tastes (pun intended). So let’s get down to brass tacks with some essential considerations for a great kitchen design. Let’s discuss some considerations for your upcoming dream kitchen as well as its aesthetic appeal…


Cooking is the first and foremost use of your kitchen. You need a gas range. A pair of stoves (one big enough for a 30-pound turkey). A microwave too, sure. Then there’s the barista station. You can’t seize the day if you don’t “carpe” coffee first. Set aside some space for a wine cooler (which is barely second in importance to the fridge). When you’re establishing the programming (the utilitarian components) of your kitchen, cooking comes first.


You’re constantly entertaining guests. You tend to host a barbecue once a week in the summer, host the family for a reunion once per year, and have friends over just about every night. And inevitably, as we mentioned, everyone ends up in the kitchen. Will you opt for a peninsula for your countertop space? Or would you like an island instead? Regardless, you’ll need a few bar stools and some high-top counter space. How about custom lights that operate on a dimmer? Check. And you’ll need a bar too. And a place to hang all of the stemware.

Cleaning Dishes

As the evening draws to a close, you’ll find that it’s time to hug the sink, open the tap, pour in some suds, and get to work. After an afternoon of scarfing down a homemade meal, noshing on sweet desserts, and polishing off the whole conquest with a cocktail, you’re left with a mound of dirty dishes. Fortunately, your kitchen is designed to handle such occasions. You’ve had a deep basin sink installed in the countertop. Plus, you’ve built a specialized drying rack into the wall to hold your plates (and gracefully display them). There is, of course, a dishwasher in the vicinity, and a garbage disposal installed to take care of the dirtiest items. OK, so you’re content with the flow of your kitchen; you can cook, entertain, and clean.

A Bit About Aesthetics

So now it’s time to consider the aesthetics of your new kitchen. Do you opt for light and clean? Perhaps you prefer warm and inviting? Is the sink porcelain or stainless steel? The appliances are, of course, stainless steel – you’ve decided it’s the most timeless material. You’ve always wanted a ceiling hung pot rack – wrought iron ought to work. Maybe it’d be best to go with an island over a peninsula after all. Now on to the wall tiles; there are so many to choose from. Will it be natural stone tiles? No, no, they’re too difficult to clean – especially behind the sink. Porcelain and glass tiles it is. What about the cabinets? You’re a fan of that clean, uniform look. So you decide to install wood cabinetry that’s coated in a clean coat of eggshell white paint. No, no, that’s too clean. How about a robin’s egg blue instead; yes, that’ll do the trick.

From Dream to Design to Build

With each of our custom home builds, it’s our goal to deliver the home of your dreams. We work closely with our clients to meet their specific demands and desires, from project conception down to the last detail. Learn what sets Smith Building apart from other home builders, and count on us for your next renovation or new construction! Get started today!