Building In-Situ

Your property is unique. The land undulates. Old trees speckle the grounds. The profiles of hills stack in the distance. Your lot has character, and that’s a beauty to be embraced. Here at Smith Building Company, we understand the importance of constructing a home to suit the site upon which it sets. That’s why we strive to consider the site well before we break ground. Let’s take a look at some of the features and factors that come into play when working “in-situ” or on site with your unique lot.

The View

First, and possibly foremost, it’s crucial to consider the view on your property. If you have an amazing view of cascading hills, that’s something to embrace! We can construct your custom built home in order to embrace the natural beauty of your site. We’ll place windows facing the best features on and around your lot. Perhaps you’d like to tack a deck onto your home? We can orient your favorite outdoor hangout to hug trees around your lot.

The Grading

No lot is perfectly flat, and that’s a good thing as far as we’re concerned. The natural ebb and flow of the land allows for the aforementioned picturesque views, and it may afford the opportunity to build a unique home that responds to the grading of the surrounding land. For instance, you might want a walkout basement that pours onto a patio. With a hillside lot, building a walkout basement might just be the best response to your site.

The Sun

Who doesn’t love the sun, especially when winter means less and less light here in Vermont? We strive to orient homes to capture winter sunlight with big, south-facing windows. As the sun dips closer and closer to the southern horizon throughout the winter months, your home will capture every ray and every bit of warmth.


Tree roots can infiltrate foundations. Soil may be inadequate support for a structure. Water can pool at the base of your home. It’s as important to consider these factors as any other factor on this list. Your home should be safe, sound, and built to last for centuries. With Smith Building Company, our custom built homes are, of course, built with safety in mind.


Building a barn? Tacking on an attached garage? Where are you going to place your front door? And the back? The accessibility to your home and other buildings may be dependent upon the lot itself.

Utilities & Codes

Utilities and codes always come into play when we build a custom home. We know building codes, and we’ll work with those codes to ensure that your home is above board when it comes to the property lines and utilities of your site.

Here at Smith Building Company, good design counts. That’s why we care about the site of your home, and that’s why we strive to build the best home to fit that site. If you’re ready to have a custom home built here in Vermont, you can count on Smith Building. Get in touch with us today to get started!