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Blueprint the House of Your Dreams

Dreaming up the dream kitchen… Building the dream bathroom… Designing the dream living space that reflects your values and your aspirations. It seems the only thing holding you back from your dream home, is simply how BIG you can dream!

Your architect’s job is to take all your little pins on Pinterest, your bookmarked photos on Houzz, and those torn out pages of paper they use to make magazines out of, and blueprint all that together into a living, breathing expression of your dreams.

It’s SmithBuilding Company’s job to build it. But that’s not all we do.

Your Dreams Have Dreams

SmithBuilding Company has been building and renovating Vermont dream homes for over 30 years! There’s a pretty good chance that at some point in that time we’ve seen and built a tangible manifestation of your dreams, and have the experience you need to help adapt that idea to the life and lifestyle you aspire to.

Imagine yourself and your family in 5, 10, or 20 years… How old will your kids be? Will they need a room of their own? A separate bathroom? Are you planning on moving your business into a home office? Is your mother-in-law going to need a place to stay a bit longer term? How great would a wraparound porch be? How can you be more efficient and environmentally friendly down the road?

We’ve walked and talked through these and countless other home design and essential life decisions with all of our clients over the years, in part because it’s our job to help build these dreams and decisions into their new home, but also because it helps us understand exactly what you’re looking for, and how you want to live and grow there; we’re a big part of that process.

Active and Interactive

Today’s home design hasn’t entirely retired the compass, tracing paper, and tape measure, but they have taken a bit of a back seat in the 21st century to the innumerable consumer and professional software programs that allow you to achieve a level of three-dimensionality and rapid manipulation architects and designers of the past could only dream of.

The way we see it, these modeling and design tools are simply an extension of the work you’re already doing dreaming and designing your new home in your head, and they can be a great collaborative way to communicate your ideas to your architect and builder so they can see what you’re really trying to get at.

At the same time, we can help you adapt your most innovative design concepts into the traditional and classic architectural models that define the Vermont landscape, and that you’ve literally built a lot of these dreams of yours in.

The Fine Blue Print

Start with a vision. Imagine how and where you want to wake up every morning, where you want to relax with your family, what your landscape looks like and how it makes you feel. Your vision will help guide your entire design process, and keep you focused on what you really want.

Tour the surrounding area. Drive around the hills and towns where your property is, or where you’re looking for property to buy, and take in the architecture and atmosphere of the place. We live in more than just a home when it comes down to it, we live in a community, and that community can help inform the course of our stone walls, or the shape of our barn roofs.

Build a portfolio. Whether it be online, in a photo app, or in a traditional scrapbook, take a lot pictures, bookmark a ton of pages and images, scour the internet and the real world for ideas and gather them all together in your dream house portfolio.

Consult an architect. You and your architect will put all that scheming and visioning down on paper, draw up a floorplan and develop a design. Your home will reflect all of the time and energy you’ve put into dreaming it, and your architect, with their vast professional experience, can help you make sense of your dreams and design a home that reflects them.

Hire a custom home builder. Eventually you’ll want to build it. You’ll want a custom home builder with that is dedicated to seeing your dream home become a reality, with an unrivaled reputation, and someone you can see yourself building a real relationship with.

Truth is, wherever you are on your design timeline, you can contact SmithBuilding Company today and we can jump right in, help you gather your work to this point, and guide you through all the necessary steps in your dream home building process; that’s what we do best!

Contact Smith Building Company today and build your wildest dreams with us!

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