Smith Building Company builds award-winning custom homes and relationships that exceed all your expectations. Your new home is a living expression of your voice and vision brought to life by a team of extraordinary craftsmen and even better people.

New Construction

Smith Building Company has been redefining creativity and craftsmanship for over 30 years, building unique and challenging projects that are an enduring testament to inspiration and individuality. We think, and build, completely outside the box, giving your home an identity and distinction all its own.

We build the highest-end, custom contemporary and traditional homes with materials ranging from artisan timber frames to cutting-edge ICS (Interlocking Construction Systems), and assembling a comprehensive and experienced team you can trust. Each and every project we build seeks to inspire for a lifetime.

We believe only experience can deliver exceptional quality, superior craftsmanship, and ultimately a breathtaking home. Experience cannot be underestimated. The value of experience and the willingness to take this journey together are what truly builds the vision you can call home.

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Connor Homes

“The essence of historic architecture in a new home with today’s practical layouts and modern amenities…yesterday’s architectural charm and warmth with today’s technological advances and conveniences.” – Connor Homes

Smith Building Company is a ‘preferred builder’ of authentic, historic Connor Homes in central Vermont. Connor Homes exemplify the blending of traditional architectural details, classical architectural principles, superb craftsmanship, and revolutionary technology; truly bringing you and your family the very best of both worlds.

With a relationship spanning well over a decade, we work directly with Connor Homes to bring your classical masterpiece, your custom dream home, to life.

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It is never too late to reimagine your home, redefine your environment, and reinvent your world! We provide custom, creative remodeling and inspired home renovations with an emphasis on artistry, innovation, and excellence.

With decades of experience, we can help recreate your everyday experience by breathing new and unique life into your home.

We specialize in the most challenging, unique, and creative projects imaginable. All you have to do is imagine it, and then contact your custom home contractor here.